I have been a qualified therapist for 10 years and spent the first 9 avoiding every single eyebrow appointment possible. I and I’m sure many of you have all had a nightmare eyebrow appointment story where you have come out with most of your eyebrows taken away and left with a fear of ever going to see a therapist again. This happened to me and every time I thought I would give it another try I ended up back in the same boat of growing my eyebrows back yet again.hd brows norwich

So I slowly became obsessed with eyebrows, to the point where even my mum was having dreams of me tweezing out an eyebrow hair that wasn’t in line – so I decided to go back to basics and retrain with Hi Definition.

The HD way is like a royalty treatment for your eyebrows. I spent 2 whole days in eyebrow heaven learning all there is to know about eyebrows. We scrutinised over eyebrow fashion and celebrity brows and how to create the perfect brow for each face shape. I learnt very quickly that everything I had learnt about how to wax and tweeze an eyebrow was wrong, and was taken back to the basics.

The HD brow treatment takes just under an hour. That’s right one whole hour just to do your eyebrows – but I promise you, it is worth it. Each customer gets a step by step run through everything that is going to happen to their brows so it is a perfect treatment for anyone is nervous. The treatment begins with a thorough consultation, face shape and brow analysis and we discuss at length exactly what you would like to get from your treatment and what is achievable.

It is essential that a tint patch test is done before every treatment with HD brows as your skin reactions can change between times and if you are okay we then begin the treatment by tinting up your brows. This is a fantastic way for you and me to see how much eyebrows you have to work with, it is amazing how important those fine downy blonde hairs can be to your final shape!

We then look at your brow and map out the exact shape before any waxing begins. The delicately applied wax helps to define the shape before we go onto threading to remove all outside downy hairs to give the full HD brow effect. Tweezing helps to get rid of any of the tiny stubborn hairs before we move onto the finish. That’s the makeup. Most clients when they come for HD brows learn that they have areas of their brows they need to grow in. As your stylist, I’ll show you the best products and techniques to help you create your perfect brow every day until the regrowth is complete.

I always find this is where we come to a decision together about all those odd eye brow hairs I have been undecided about and we decide whether they stay or go together.

I think that HD brows are a great treatment for those who really want to find the perfect brow shape for them, but it is also great for anyone who has had bad experiences before as you are taken through step by step and no hair is removed without talking about it. This is also a great treatment for anyone who has over-plucked, to help them get their eyebrows back their full and luscious selves.