Massage Therapies in Norwich

Massage Norwich therapies from Nikita Wellbeing are a bespoke, luxury experience, tailored to the needs of every individual. Our experience in a range of disciplines – including deep tissue, Swedish and sports massage – means that we can create something that will work for you, and not just a set routine.

Also incorporated into massages from Nikita Wellbeing is the use of beautiful, natural oils and other products, chosen to provide your body with the best treatment possible.

We offer two massage treatment products, to clients mainly in the Norwich and Norfolk area. Please read on for more details, or get in touch today to arrange a free consultation.


Our bodies are all so different. This means that a one-size-fits-all massage routine can never be the best way to improve the way you feel. We work hard to understand your body’s unique tensions, concerns and stress levels, which means that your massage will be about you – no one else will ever have had the same experience.

This unique therapy also means that recovery, relaxation and well-being are achieved more quickly and for a longer time, with many previous clients recovering from injuries after just one session.

With specialisms in relaxation, sports injury and pregnancy massages, as well as the highest levels of training and experience, Nikita Wellbeing can guarantee the knowledge that will create the massage experience you have been looking for.

Here’s what you’ll receive

  • Consultation and assessment

  • Bespoke massage treatment in a luxury environment

The Skin Chef massage therapy

Our Skin Chef therapy is about the fact that food, nourishment, wellbeing and inner and outer beauty are all connected.

How we treat and what we expose our bodies to makes us feel the way we do. The Skin Chef experience will help you to think and act clearly as you deserve, removing your stress and tension for far longer than just the time you’re there. This makes the Skin Chef massage therapy excellent value, as well something truly special.

During your treatment, you’ll receive one and a half hours of holistic bliss involving a consultation, muscle analysis and therapy. This is a specialist body treatment that, as well as being effective for problems such as sports injuries, offers an experience of unique luxury that you’ll always remember.

During your session bespoke body products will be created for you using fresh, local produce and organic essential oils. These will then be used in a massage routine devised for the needs of your body, based on a range of holistic and relaxation disciplines from around the world.

The Skin Chef concept is central to the experience offered by Nikia Wellbeing – one that you won’t find anywhere else. For more information or to arrange a free consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Here’s what you’ll receive

  • Body consultation
  • Muscle analysis
  • Bespoke body products created just for you
  • Products applied during bespoke massage therapy treatment
  • All in a unique, luxury environment

For more information on the Skin Chef or Massage Therapy from Nikita Wellbeing, contact us today here.