I gave up drinking coffee when I became pregnant with my little girl. I was a 3 or 4 expresso person before that life-changing day. A year of being pregnant and 3 of breastfeeding meant that I had gone so long without coffee I was determined not to start again. Like with most addictions it was replaced with another, and that was tea! Any tea really, but if it was loose leaf or green, that was perfect.

I discovered a shop called T2, in London, and if you love tea I really suggest you go there – this is where my Matcha Green tea obsession began!
matcha tea

I loved the whole ceremony of it all – the sweet wooden scoop, the beautiful tiny bowl and the whisk to bring it all together, and then there was the taste. It really is a smoothness and flavour I have not experienced from any green tea before (and I have tried quite a few!).

After discovering my new love, I was excited to learn all the ways I can use it in products and food, and to understand all the health benefits it has. Matcha tea is the highest quality of powered green tea available it is made from rich in nutrients young leaves which the entire leaf is then steamed and ground into a very fine powder. It is stored out of light and oxygen so it can preserve its anti-oxidant properties as well as its beautiful vibrant green colour.

Matcha has many health and wellbeing benefits, from boosting memory and concentration to enhancing a calm state of mind, and increasing energy and burning calories. But what interests me the most is the wonderful effects it can have on your skin.

Matcha tea contains catechins this is a type of very powerful anti-oxidant called Polyphenol. This helps to trap inactive free radicals in the skin – and to put that more simply, it helps protect our skin from signs of aging. It is also a fantastic anti-inflammatory so great on acne and rosacea. The vitamin C helps to boost the radiance in the skin as well as being another property that attacks signs of aging.

Recipe for Matcha Tea and Vitamin E Face Maskhoney and matcha

1tbs Matcha Green Tea Powder

1tbs of Vitamin E oil

½ tsp Manuka Honey

1tsp natural yoghurt

Mix all ingredients together and apply on clean dry skin. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes and remove gently with warm water.

Look out for my Cinnamon Matcha Chocolates, a flavour often given as free gifts to Skin Chef Customers