Facial Treatments

Facial Therapies

Your skin is your largest organ, a complex living thing that it is constantly changing according to diet, stress levels, your existing skincare routine and your environment.

This means that for a facial treatment to be truly effective and special it has to be designed on the day, and just for you. Even day-to-day your skin needs a different treatment in order to realise its full potential.

My Norwich facial treatments involve a bespoke approach based on expert analysis and years of experience, as well as beautiful products specially chosen and combined to work with your body in the best way possible.

At the heart of the all of the holistic treatments offered by Nikita Wellbeing is the relationship between food, nourishment and the way it affects our bodies and the way we feel. My Skin Chef philosophy is reflected in all of my treatments, however I also offer a special treatment where the Skin Chef practice is taken to its very highest level.

Nikita Wellbeing offers two facial treatments, to customers mainly in the Norfolk and Norwich area. For more information please read on, or contact us today for a free consultation.

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Bespoke facial therapy £45 1 hour

This bespoke facial therapy starts with an analysis of your skin and a decision on the unique attention it deserves.

A treatment will then be created using beautiful, natural and organic products, combined to form an ideal partnership with your skin and restore its natural beauty.

Facial treatments with Nikita Wellbeing are about well-being both inside and out. After your hour you’ll feel refreshed, more confident and more how you’d like to feel every day. For more information and to book a free consultation, contact Nikita Wellbeing today.

Here’s what you’ll receive

  • Analysis and assessment of your skin
  • Bespoke facial therapy treatment in a luxury environment
  • Bespoke facial  £45 per hour

Facials Norwich

The Skin Chef facial therapy £75 1½ hours

The Skin Chef concept is central to the experience offered by Nikita Wellbeing – and it’s one that you won’t find anywhere else too. This facial therapy is about nourishing your skin, treating it like a living being and feeding it with the best ingredients possible.

What we expose our bodies to contributes to the way we feel every day. Choosing the right things to heal and sustain ourselves helps us reach the state of wellbeing we deserve.

This is why our Skin Chef treatment starts with a personalised consultation and analysis, carefully determining the perfect combin