I’m sure most mums can relate to having a perfectly successful career that seems almost impossible to continue once you have had a child.

I remember truly believing when I was pregnant that I would be back working in a professional kitchen full time within no time and trust me I gave it a go. I endured the 50 hour weeks again due to my love of cooking but when you go 3 days a week where you don’t see your child at all, I knew something had to change.

I am very fortunate to be trained and working in two professions for the last 10 years. Alongside being a chef I have been working as a Holistic Massage Therapist and Facialist. During this time, I have learned more and more how food and natural ingredients are essential to your wellbeing and your skin’s health, so providing my customers with service that combines the two together was very natural.

Working for top skin care brands over the years has given me an excellent insight into the science behind skin care but for someone who suffers with sensitive skin that breaks out easily it has always seemed a shame that these products are full of chemicals and preservatives.

When you go, and buy a product from your local department store you are often told this moisturiser, mask, serum etc is expensive but it will last you at least 6 months… Here is where alarm bells start to ring! Not only do I start thinking what is in it that is making it last that long? But I don’t know if my skin will even need this product in a months’ time, let alone 6! Your skin changes daily, it is effected by your environment, the weather, your sleep, your diet, your hormones the list can go one of factors that are ever changing so to buy a product for your skin today is not necessarily going to be a worthwhile investment 5 months down the line.

When you look at the ingredients added to make your products last so long, you may want to consider if you want them on your skin at all.

My philosophy combines my knowledge of food and your skin’s health. The main aim of my treatments is to show my clients how to avoid the toxins and just treat your skin with pure natural ingredients. I am not going to lie – it is an adjustment. You will no longer have your skin care products sat in your bathroom cabinet, but in your fridge. Your new products will only have a shelf life of a few days to a week, but this is a good thing. You can start to give your skin exactly what it needs that week rather than what it needed 3 months ago and stop putting chemicals on it.

Not only will this save you a fortune on products but it will give you your healthiest skin yet. I will ask you to go away and look at the ingredients list on the back of whatever product range you are using, and just count all the ingredients that are chemicals, preservatives or just ingredients you have never heard of and weigh them up against the natural products you recognise. Then think how much better your skin would be if you only used those natural ingredients and ditched all those nasty extras you get to pay for each time you visit the top industry brands.

When you come for a Skin Chef facial, you are entering a tranquil and luxury treatment room but also my kitchen. Here is where your new skin care experience will start. A thorough consultation and skin analysis will help me design and make a product range just for you made entirely out of natural ingredients. Your products are applied using the latest facial technologies and massage techniques with a routine designed exactly for your skin’s needs. Not only do you get to take away the remainders of your products with you to continue your skin care routine, but you get recipes I have created just for you.

Everyone is learning not to put chemicals into their body that eating preservatives and toxins does you no good, so we need to learn not use them topically anymore either. The world has naturally grown everything we need to keep our skin and wellbeing at its best, so let’s take advantage of all those beautiful ingredients.