Raw, natural ingredients combined to give your skin the nourishment it deserves

The Skin Chef concept is about the relationship between food, nourishment and well-being.

The idea came as a result of my years of training as a chef in some of Norfolk’s best loved restaurants, while learning various holistic disciplines and becoming a highly trained and qualified facialist and masseuse. Oh – and raising a young daughter who doesn’t like to sleep!

After working long days and then staying up for long nights, I started experimenting using my knowledge of food, facial treatments and the effects of natural ingredients on the human body. I was always tired but found ways of removing the bags under my eyes and bringing my skin back to life, helping to me to face tough weeks and get me through everything I needed to do.

After years of experiments and many happy clients later, I felt ready to combine my knowledge and offer it as a complete package.

The Skin Chef Experience

The Skin Chef treatment is like walking into a luxury restaurant, and having the head chef prepare something designed to make you feel amazing, with the highest quality ingredients.

Except in this case, it’s a meal just for your skin and body (although the benefits are felt everywhere!).

Not only is the chef there just for you, but during your session you’re the only one at the table – everything is about you. Whether it’s a massage or facial session, it will start with an analysis of your skin or body, to see which treatment and combination of ingredients is best.

I’ll then prepare bespoke products in front of you, giving you information on how to make them yourself at home (meaning you can save money on expensive shop-bought facial treatments, which are full of unnecessary preservatives and chemicals that are not good for the body).

My massage and treatment room is half kitchen, half fully-equipped therapy room. I’ll often also have edible goodies – like organic, vegan chocolate truffles for example – available on the day, so it is a truly complete luxury experience.

To find out more about my Skin Chef services, take a look at my blog post all about The Skin Chef Story.

The Skin Chef massage therapy

One and a half hours of holistic bliss, combining products made with beautiful natural ingredients with massage disciplines from around the world – you’ll get:

  • Skin Chef body consultation
  • Muscle analysis
  • Bespoke body therapy designed for you
  • Newly created bespoke beauty products
  • Some lovely things to take home

The Skin Chef Facial Treatments

This is food heaven for your skin! A menu comprised of freshly made facial products, created with quality, local ingredients, and applied with expert hands. You’ll get:

  • Personalised skin consultation
  • Skin analysis
  • Creation of bespoke products
  • Bespoke massage routine
  • Some lovely skin care goodies to take home